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Tales of Monkey Island.

Being a massive point ‘n’ click fan since the days of ‘Beneath a Steel Sky’ and ‘Monkey Island 1’,I for one can’t wait for this, I have been looking forward to a new Monkey Island game for the past 10 years or so now, and Tuesday the 7th July can’t come soon enough for me, I take my hat off to Telltale games for making this happen and it was an announcement made out of the blue and totally came out of left field, i knew about the re-make of the Secret of Monkey Island for the Xbox 360 (damn them !) and was hoping it would come to the PS3, but it looks like i will have to get that for my P.C.

But still Tales of MI looks set to make everyone say “How appropriate you fight like a cow” and “I am rubber, you are glue” two of my favorite quotes of the series thus far.

I don’t know about releasing it over 5 episodes, i know they do this for Sam and Max and Wallace and Gromit but for me i would rather play it as a full game and not in episodes but as long as it lives up to the hype and expectations then i for one will be happy.

Here’s a link to Youtube if anyone hasn’t seen the video.


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