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PS3’s year to Shine.

I am a massive Sony fan and have been ever since the original PSone came out and FF7 was released and even though i bought an Xbox 360 i always found myself going back to my playstation, i don’t know why maybe because i have grown up with Sony and want to stick by them all the way.

Recently we all know that Microsoft has got the better of Sony with exclusive (For the time being!) DLC for the likes of GTA4 and Fallout 3 and them nicking Final Fantasy 13 off Sony was a massive kick in the nuts for them i’m guessing.  And there does seem to be more 360’s in homes than PS3’s but then again there is more Wii’s than you can shake a stick at….. (well Nunchuck at.)

But at least with the PS3 you don’t have to pay online it’s free, unlike the 360’s £15 a month. Yes maybe some of the PS3 games online don’t go as quick as we know from Call of Duty WAW where the servers were going slow but at least it got fixed in the end.

Also the RROD pisses me off, i got an 360 like i said before and after 12 months i got RROD and obivously my warranty ran out so then i got another one only for it to happen again to me. So i give up in the end, and i got my PS3 on the day of release and i’ve only had a couple of niggles with it like it kept signing me out the Playstation Network but that nothing to worry about.

And i think the PS3 exclusives coming soon are really going to bring Sony back to the days of old, games like Demon’s Souls, GOW 3, M.A.G, Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, White Knight Chronicles are just some i can think of off the top of my head.

Anyway that’s all i’ve got to say on the matter. Thanks for reading this.


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