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My idea to Sir Alex Ferguson.

I am a big Man United fan and i have been since i can remember, even though my Dad was I Man City fan I think I just supported Man U to annoy him lol. But have been through the ups and downs of Man U just as winning the treble and then the losing the Champions League last year to Barcelona. That was heartbreaking to me but I will get over it.

Anyway after getting rid of that diving scumbag for a ridiculously amount of money, £80 million for Cristano Ronaldo is awesome, even though he was a great player for us it was time he moved on, he wasn’t a team player anymore, we buy Luis Antonio Valencia from Wigan and get Michael Owen from Newcastle  on a free transfer (the jury is out on him, i don’t know if he can play at the top level anymore, hopefully he proves me wrong.)

Even though we bought Valencia it is bleeding obvious he isn’t as good as Ronaldo so we still need a world-class winger such as Franck Ribery or David Silva  and we also need an another world class striker since Carlos Tevez has left as well, i heard today on Sky Sports News that we put in a £20 million bid for Klass Jan-Huntelaar (tried looking for it on Internet but can’t find it, i know i heard right this morning.) Anyway i think he would be a great signing and since Benezma from Lyon looks Real-bound, even more of a reason from Real to sell him and Huntelaar won’t get that much games if he stays there with the likes of Kaka, Ronaldo, Benezma, Raul and Higuain now will he.

So to recap we need a world-class winger like Silva or Ribery and a decent striker.

So Sir Alex there is my two cents worth (well pence i am British, after all.)


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