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Still no Tales of Monkey Island.

I turned on my laptop this morning at around 8.30am wishfully thinking that Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 1 would be ready and on the internet but it wasn’t I understood that and waited a little longer and then found out it wasn’t even the correct timeframe where Telltale Studios were, it was like midnight the day before or summat like that.  So I thought ok more waiting to be had.

I had to go into work at 2p.m (sod’s law, i know) so I left my house at round 1.30pm and was hoping and praying that it didn’t go live around then(because things like that normally happen to me), while at work ( i was only there for 4 hours, so it wasn’t that bad!) I was thinking about it and thinking “When I get home it will be all ready and waiting for me”, so I rush home and get back here round 6.30 pm, lo and behold…….. It isn’t even on yet what the hell have Telltale been doing watching the Michael Jackson funeral and forgotten all about us.

I’m not having a go or anything it’s just i’ve been waiting for this for like 9 years now and i would have like to have know an exact time so I didn’t have to keep refreshing the page every couple of minutes.

Found a neat little wallpaper while waiting though, thanks to the guy ( i forgot his name, Sorry!) off the Telltale forums for this.


Edit:   It came out eventually, I think it was bout 1 a.m in the morning here but at least I got to play it and it is AWESOME !! A great return from Guybrush and Co. but the movement of Guybrush is something that I’m not really liking but maybe I will get used to it eventually, anyway I’m knitpicking and the puzzles are fantastic and the dialogue is brilliant. So all in all like I said a great return from a gaming series that I loved and grew up with.


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