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A little bit about me. (Snippet if you will.)

As you might have noticed i normally do my blogs at night and that is because like everyone else I have to work and I work for a well known retail company, I used to work for Woolworths but as you well know by now that went down the crapper as there were millions of pounds in debt, while there I made numerous friends and acquaintances in the 2 years i was there, and it might sound strange but we were like a family (weird, I know.) I wish that they didn’t go bust but hey! you can’t change the past (God, if you only could.)

Anyway now i work for another retail company as i said before and funnily enough i’m still working in the same shop (different company, same building) I only do 4 hour shifts so it’s not to bad i guess but it’s just not me anymore after Woolworths going i don’t think my heart is in retail anymore so i am looking into other lines of work and only being 22 i have plenty of options open to me, but it’s just what to do i never went to Uni so that is on my mind at the moment but then again with the student loans and know older people who still have to pay them off and this is after 12 years or so and i don’t want to be doing that.

Another interest is football so maybe a football coach but i feel like I have left it too late but hey there is no harm in trying is there, and also i love films so maybe a script-writer or something along those lines.

I’ve always wanted to follow my dreams but i’ve never had any, but i’m sure i will think of something. Sorry to depress you all with my dull life, I promise from now on no-more dreary stuff. Fun, fun, fun all the way.


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