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Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman stuff of the past has not really been impressive i’m thinking of the older films bout 7 or 8 years ago with the “Ice Man” Arnie and games like Lego Batman and Batman Begins haven’t really hit the spot for me, but recently the films like Batman: The Dark Knight has really turned the corner for Batman and maybe the Caped Crusader can finally win me over with Arkham Asylum. Which i think it will.

I think this game could really be a surprise contender for game of the year, i know there is stiff competition from the likes of Modern Warfare 2, Bioshock 2, Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain (if it comes out this year that is.) But Batman: Arkham Asylum is really shaping up to be a great game the graphics look awesome, and from what i’ve seen and heardBatman the gameplay is going to be great as well. And lets not forget that there are adding in multiplayer, I don’t know what it consists of at the moment but you can play as The Joker so why wouldn’t you enjoy it lol. And it comes out on August 28th I think, so it’s only about 5 weeks away so it (in my eyes) is going to be the biggest game of the summer and the next couple of months I can’t wait for it.  And also any game with the likes of  The Joker and some of the other baddies from the Batman universe can only be a plus for me.

So for me as you can probably tell by now I am really looking forward to this game and I think it will go down well with anyone and everyone that comes across it.


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