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Chuck On Virgin 1. (Awesome Show!!!)

Just thought I would blog about Chuck a great T.V show on Virgin 1 in the U.K and I think it is on NBC in America, if not sorry I’m just guessing. Anyway it is an awesome show and I think of the best shows that has come out of America in the last few years, I love every part of it, the action, the suspense and the dialogue is absolutely fantastic.

If you don’t know about the show then let me enlighten you it’ is about a normal guy named Chuck that hates his job and wants a change, then suddenly an old “friend” from college sends him an e-mail with government  secrets in it and he has something called the “intersect” put in his head which is all different images , and he has data flashes about different stuff like bad guys working on secret stuff and how to find certain places and stuff like that, it might be easier if I show you a video.

As it says in the video he has a secret agent with him, Sarah a CIA agent but he also has Casey a NSA agent who look after him and guide him to be an agent of his own.  He lives with his sister Ellie and her boyfriend/fiancee Devon also named “Captain Awesome”  and has a best mate called Morgan who works at the Buy-More with Chuck and other people such as Jeff and Lester a very funny comedy duo.

So if you can try and watch Chuck it is a fantastic show and NBC didn’t know if they would renew it for a 3rd series but thank God they have but there are only going to be 13 episodes but we don’t know about a 4th series  yet so get the rating up by watching it whenever you can.

Here’s a little sneak peek of next week’s clip


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