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Fallout 3 DLC coming in September now. (Disappointing.)

So has you have probably already heard, the Downloadable content for Fallout 3 on the Playstation 3 won’t be coming untill September and probably late September at that.

Why Bethesda couldn’t just tell months ago is beyond me, yes i know there was problems with the xbox and P.C versions but i thought they would have ironed out those bugs by now since they were probably thinking about release the DLC on the PS3. So really they should have had a group of devs looking over every problem. But NO! they just say to the general public that it will be released late June (no specific date though.) So I for one was looking on the PSN every Thursday hoping and praying that ‘Operation Anchorage’ would be released (since that was going to be the first one released like on the xbox and P.C.) But NO! again for the next couple of weeks, until we get a statement from Bethesda that says something like they have issues with the software so it won’t be released until September, September why does it take you 2 more months to produce something that should have already been produced.

Don’t get me wrong because at the moment it seems like I am ranting on at them (well I am in a way, a BIG way!) but I like many others have watched by as the xbox and P.C owners got their DLC and I am jealous of them because I wanted to enjoy it at the same time. Since it came out last October the others have got 4 DLC to date (and an editor for the P.C) and the PS3 owners have got nowt.

Again Sony customers get the ‘middle finger’, as per usual.  But at least because of all the waiting PS3 owners will get ‘Broken Steel’ first which raises the level cap to 30 and I think that is the one most people are waiting for and looking forward to, I’m sure it was the same for the xbox and P.C owners of the game. And then every 4-6 weeks we will get ‘Operation Anchorage’ and ‘The Pitt’ and I am really looking forward to ‘Point Lookout’ and ‘Mothership Zeta’ as well but not to sure when they will be coming out, hopefully it is in the same time-frame as the others.

But because of the putting back of the DLC what does that mean for the Game Of  The Year (GOTY) Edition ? Does it mean that it will be put back also to maybe Christmas time or possibly next year? Because I can’t see Bethesda releasing a GOTY edition if all the DLC isn’t out. Or maybe they release a GOTY edition for the xbox and P.C version but not PS3 but that not fair is it, but then again Bethesda have left the PS3 fans out in the dark for a long time, so it won’t be anything different to what we already expect.

(And end rant.) And thank you for reading.


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