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Batman Arkaham Asylum, Just over a month left.


If you have seen my blog before you know that i really am looking forward to this game as I did a blog on it a couple of weeks ago, and now it is only a month away (that’s if they don’t put the release date back, God ! I hope they don’t.) If you didn’t know Batman : Arkham Asylum is cross between an action-adventure game and a stealth game so like Bioshock mixed with Splinter Cell ( Batman could kick Sam Fisher ass any day.) And it is released on the 28th August here in Europe and I think it is the 25th in North America.

The game is set in Arkham Asylum an island which has been converted into a prison, the game has combat parts and detective parts kinda like a CSI style.

There are many characters in the Batman world but yet some of them haven’t been announced for Arkham Asylum but we do that the Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, Bane and The Scarecrow have been confirmed for the game, I wanna see the Riddler in there as well though because there are so many ideas that Eidos could come up with, possibly something like solving certain riddles or people die, it would tie in with what we would expect from The Riddler.

The cast is also an excellent one it has people who have done voice-overs for the animated series of Batman and other Batman stuff :-

  • Kevin Conroy – Batman
  • Mark Hamill – The Joker
  • Arleen Sorkin – Harley Quinn
  • Tom Kane (Voice-over Legend) – The Commissioner
  • And many others…

Oh and there is also not just the copy of the game to buy, you can also buy the Collector’s Edition which costs £59.99/70 euros. And this includes

  • 14″ Batarang with stand (which matches in-game design)
  • Arkham Doctor’s Journal – 48 pages of notes on Arkham’s inmates
  • Digipack sleeve packaging
  • Behind-the-Scenes DVD
  • Code for downloadable Challenge Map (exclusive “Crime Alley” map)
  • Full-colour manual

Batman stuffSo all in all a mighty fine game and i can’t wait and it’s only a month away, Yippee !!

So what game are you looking forward to this summer ?


July 28, 2009 - Posted by | Games

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