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Adventure Gamers Unite !! (Part 1…)

I know I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks just not had the time, been really busy with work and stuff, but just thought about my adventure games, I know most of you are thinking Oh God! what’s he thinking, adventure games are things of the past and i would agree with you but recently with the likes of  Telltale Games bringing Sam and Max, Wallace and Gromit and my personal favorite Monkey Island (well Tales of Monkey Island now) back to life, I think there are coming back into the gaming industry, clearly it won’t be as big as FPS and RPG’s and other stuff again but I grew up with point ‘n’ click games and I have a very big soft spot for them.

So let’s go back in time…..

The first point ‘n’ click game i bought was Monkey Island 2:LeChuck’s Revenge for my Amiga 500 (ahhhh the good old times lol) and I feel in love with it straight away. The game’s hero is called Guybrush Threepwood and he is a mighty pirate, well he’s not all that mighty actually he’s a bit of a wuss but still he is a loveable character and Ron Gilbert (one of the designer of Monkey Island) and Co. really made a great character set-up there.

At the start of the game you meet Largo LeGrande, he throws all your inventory away, it might not sound all that fantastic but when it’s the first game you buy and something like that happens you feel a bit shocked. So you have to start from scratch with nothing. I never completed until many years down the line because i was only about 8 years old or so but I replayed it over and over again because I loved the humor and comedy of the scripts and for a game that was released in 1991 I think the graphics and colours were magnificent. And let’s not forget all the quirky characters such as Stan the used to be Used-boat salesman now a used-coffin salesman, Largo LeGrande, The Pirates of Low Moral Fibre, The Voodoo Lady, Elaine (the love interest for Guybrush) and of course not forgetting Guybrush’s sworn enemy the Dead Pirate LeChuck.

I won’t tell you the rest of the story, but I will tell you to check the game out if you already haven’t and please give adventure games a chance, I know they might not be Call Of Duty or Gears of War games but if you are getting tired of shooting and all the killing  and fancy a nice relaxing game to test out your brain check out some good old point ‘n’ click games.

Oh and there are also 3 other Monkey Island games in the series and the Tales of Monkey Island which is an episodic game being released monthly by Telltale Games. More info here about TOMI.

Before I go I am going show you a video from Monkey Island 2, hope you enjoy it.

To Be Continued…….


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