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Tales Of Monkey Island…..Again.

After my first blog about TOMI about 2 months ago before the first chapter was released I said summat like “I was really looking forward to it and I’m sure it would be great.”

Well you know what……… I was right ! It is awesome and Telltale have done a great job of resurrecting the Monkey Island franchise and I know it is only 2 chapters in but they have both been good, I think The Siege Of Spinner Cay was better purely because it was much funnier, the part where you have to help LeChuck

“Use……Breath Mints………..With………..LeChuck”

“Use……Claw Thingy……….With……….LeChuck”

And of course who can forget the “Nice Cans” when panning from tin cans to the picture of the Voodoo Lady, childish and immature but funny as hell 😀

So all in all the series has been a huge success and tomorrow the 3rd chapter “The Lair Of The Leviathan” is released and we get to know a little bit more of the story that has got all gripped, what is La Esponja Grande (well we know it is a giant seasponge but is it really what we think it is ?) Will Guybrush and Morgan LeFlay get closer together and will Winslow still say “Please point at the map, Sir !”

And of course we get to see one of the favorite character of the Monkey Island saga…… MURRAY, The talking skull. 🙂

So please if you are a massive fan of the MI series and you haven’t checked out Tales then do so because you won’t be disappointed, I promise you.


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