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Heavy Rain Making A Splash

Heavy Rain is different from your everyday run of the mill kinda game, the follow up to Fahrenheit (or Indigo Prophecy) from the Quantic Dreams team follows 4 different characters somehow connected through these killings done by someone named ‘The Origami Killer.’ Many people say it set like a movie and not really a game because of certain aspects of it but I say ‘I don’t care’ I have been looking forward to this game since the old trailer, I think it was called the ‘casting’ demo and featured an unnamed woman, who if I’m not mistaken is actually in the full game as a woman who lost her son to the Origami killer, she also appears in the demo that was released on the 11th February. But I digress.

The game is released this week around the world the US and most of the EU already have it, and hopefully as I’m writing this my copy will be on it’s way. I ordered mine if anyone is interested from HMV for £39.99 it is the special edition and exclusive to HMV here in the UK. I played the demo a bit earlier than people who got it from the PSN store because I took part in the 4 day challenge (which I still haven’t finished yet :)) and I have to say it was everything I was expecting yes ok the controls are a bit fiddly but I’m sure like everyone else I will get use to them and the graphics are some of the best I have seen apart from Uncharted 2 which might never get beaten until Uncharted 3 :D.

The game follows 4 characters:-

Madison Paige– A reporter/photographer who has bad insomnia and nightmares and checks in to different motels to see if she can relax. We don’t really know what her connection to the Origami Killer is at the moment.

Ethan Mars– Seemingly the main character of  ‘Heavy Rain.’ Ethan was once a happily married family man with two children and had a job in architecture but it all went wrong one day when one of his children Jake got hit by a car and has been in a coma ever since. Two years later he has lost everything he once held so dear. And Shaun is other son is kidnapped by the Origami Killer and just what will Ethan do to save his son? What will he do for love?

Norman Jayden– Jayden is an FBI agent who is sent to help with the Origami Killings, he is also uses a new and experimental device called Added Reality Interface (ARI) which lets him see what others around him might be able to see. I’m not too sure about this but I think he also is a drug user because of the scene in the junkyard which he was battling his ‘cold turkey’ and also in the demo you see his hand shaking and jerking possibly because he hasn’t had his ‘fix.’

Scott Shelby– He is an Private Investigator that was a cop after 20 years with the police force. Shelby has been hired by the families of previous victims of the Origami Killer to look into the case and see if he can come up with anything that the police might have missed.

One thing that really stands out to me about Heavy Rain is the multiple paths you can take in the game as people who have seen the ‘shop’ scene with Scott Shelby will be aware of.

This is just 1 of like 5 different outcomes you can take and it is like this in nearly every part of the game, and if one of the 4 main characters die it isn’t game over you just carry on with the others you have and the many, many different paths you can take make me when I complete the game to go through it again a totally different way as I’m sure I won’t be the only one.

This might not be everyone’s kinda game but I am really looking forward to it. And it is different to the games that we usually see making up the top ten sales of the week predominantly FPS and RPG’s, not saying there is anything wrong with those games but it all looks the same, you can’t tell the differences between Call of Duty and Bioshock apart from the obvious differences but they all play the same way run, shoot, kill and repeat. So Heavy Rain is a welcoming title to me and I can’t wait to play it and see the response of my fellow gamers out there.


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