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Twitter Time!!

Hi y’all, just I would post a blog about my twitter activity, I started it about a year ago but never really got into that much and I thought “What’s all the fuss about” with the @”enterperson’snamehere” and the #subjects but now really starting to get the hang of it and it is also a great way to meet new people and socialize with them, yes you can only write 140 characters so you can keep it short and sweet if you like  but still great. I was always on Facebook speaking to people but I have had sooo many problems with it that now I hardly go on it, only when I’m chatting to mates I haven’t spoke to in awhile or if we are arranging something.

So it is Twitter FTW as far as I’m concerned. My Twitter is @Kingofkings2128 if anybody is interested and wants to follow me, I will follow back and welcome everyone with open arms *Open arms and readies people for hugs*=D

Over the last couple of days I have met some really nice and incredibly lovely people, they know who they are. Oh! and my twitter post has gone from like 110 to 612 in like 3 days, I’m quite impressed with myself. Clearly not as impressive as most people but I’m hoping to climb the Tweet ladder over the next coming days. #Impressme


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